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Monday, February 28, 2011

This weekend....

I made:

Monkey bread ( not bad...not as good as the real deal,but tasty nonetheless)

Applesauce Oat muffins (minus all the added fruit...Andy would gag if I put it in...literally)

Seitan (it smells it just needs to be cooked for reals)

New plans...

I have gained 6 lbs in the last month...I am blaming stress, and emotional eating....but I am not freaking out...Why? Because I have a new plan....I did some research on Insulin resistant problems and I may be eating too much (I know I am eating too much). So I am doing Southbeach...I started phase 1 today...I am not allowed sugar at all....which will be good...hopefully I can stick to this and not let my stress take over....btw...Southbeach is basically the same as the P90X diet plan...minus phase 1 of course....In P90x you gradually add in carbs and so does Southbeach so I am following that...Also The diet plan of 40:40:20 is great for people with my that will be my end diet goal.....I also planned my next three months of working out and I am so excited...I decided to go with a combo between month 1 and 2 of insanity with P90X so I am not doing overkill...this falls under the P90X doubles program if anyone is familiar with it...except I am replacing P90X's cardio workout with insanity.....( I will post that later). I am currently taking cinnamon supplements, adding lemon to my water, and upping my B and C vitamin intake...I highly recommend the B-stress vitamin supplement if you feel like you are lacking in energy...(but do not take these all the time...maybe go on for a month and then do not want your body to become dependent on supplements)..another thing...I am taking small doses of caffeine in the morning and afternoon on an empty stomach. As much as I dislike caffeine and know the problems it can cause sometimes it is needed. My sister and I both struggle with similar problems. She went to see a doctor and they straight up told her to start drinking coffee or something with caffeine because her metabolism was so bad. The result...she now weighs only 10 lbs more than me...maybe less now...and she is 7 inches taller than me. This was of course coupled with a very healthy (vegan) lifestyle and exercise...and she lost this weight over 9 months so not fast....she went from 220 lbs to 153-ish...was down to 149 but went up a little and is probably back down again....anyways....I am giving it a go...I desperately need some energy....another thing.....Has anyone heard of the term "effective carbohydrates"? I totally forgot about it myself until I was looking up insulin problems the other day.... What this means is when you look at the nutrition facts you look at the carbs and the fiber. If you eat something that has 22 g of carbs but also has 13 g of fiber than you are actually only consuming 9 g of carbs (beans are like this). The reason for this is because fiber does not get broken down in the body. It is the equivalent of eating bark...what it does do is help you be regular and expel waste from your there you go...that might help us in getting our 40:40:20 a little better right? It explains why the menu given by insanity seems off on those ratio's as well....whole grains and such are packed with carbs...but also fiber which just gets expelled without getting broken down...Awesome right?!

I just realized how healthy beans I made a huge pot of them fresh (no canned stuff for me) on Saturday.

Also I can't believe this is my last week of month 2...and then on to recovery week...So I will be off phase 1 by the time I start weight training (weight training is also supposed to boost metabolism fyi).

Goal for the evening is to fry up some Tempeh for later use....and to cook up the Seitan I made on Saturday...assuming I get home at a decent hour

Random....I will be going dark brown in the hair department this weekend...keep your eyes peeled for new hair updates....

Also I am so excited! I bought a 5 time pass for pole dancing for only $25.00 this weekend and I have a year to use it!!! And it is located very near to my house!

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Kimberly said...

Good to know about the carbs/fiber! And I'm SO excited to see your dark hair!